THE RESOURCE AND THE METHOD IN FRONT OF THE OBJECTIVE


Konstantin Stanislavski created the method which lays the foundation followed by most of the acting schools. This method consists in letting the actor experience same experiences as his character should show by making use of accessories that would aggravate the interpretation of a extreme situation such as putting a stone in a shoe to simulate a limp or swallowing any substance that could cause vomits or discomfort or even long periods of internment in hospitals, prisons or any isolated place, etc. In short, it’s a subsequent delivery of the practice of exercises that stimulate the acting ability.


Unconsciously pressured by this “elementary” concept, Kay Machín has undergone all models of this series to a "stanislavskian" experience.

Kay has been focused on performing a series of people portraits -perhaps it would be more appropriate to call them “no portraits”- with the most refined technique of execution. They are foregrounds with correct lighting that allow the contextualization of the image, enclosing the distance to the model to achieve a bond of intimacy and complicity with their characters. the performer says that he intends to capture and freeze the image of inner fear, but I would say more, Kay submits us and himself to an almost scientific experiment of the emotions supported by a simple resource of sensitive overexploitation, ie, the artist forces the passive nature of a model, who is exposed to the lens of a camera, making him suck a lemon juice continuously so, the author indirectly associate tricarboxylic acid to negative experiences; it’s a poetic license allowed by the artist to achieve his noble objective but that actually transgresses the limits of portrait photography.


Ultimately, it is a clever adventure that imposes a thoughtful experience to both, the viewer as all those solidary guinea pigs who have supported him and contributed to his project, while the artist plays, as he points out, a covert role of psychologist that explores or is scanned.

Finalist in the Absolut Porfolio Nacional level,Fine Art  Photography

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© Kay Machín. All rights reserved. The reproduction of the pictures shown here are prohibited.

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