A Floating Island is a walk through an island that could be anywhere in the world,   this in particular is the one that has seen me in passing my childhood and youth, in which I lived a thousand stories sometimes  with  a happy ending and some not so.    Places that for a long  time  that  has passed,  still remain  almost  the same as  in the past,   and certainly  before I enjoyed generations.

A floating  island  may  therefore be that place you saw once,  you  were  taught in  small and I was so shocked that today you keep going to visit to calm down, think quietly about the things of life  or why not,  dream  awake  (which  I do a lot) 

In this  case,  the floating island, which I wanted to portray in this series of photographs, which I share with you,  is Gran Canaria, one of the 7 islands that constitute the Canary Islands.  By making use  of the elements that nature offers me:  Sun,  Clouds,  Earth Wind  and  I wanted to transmit from one point of view "different" everything I feel when I watch it.

A Floating  Island only intended to logout, you leave your troubles to one side and get lost in  those  places that offers this island. Places that do not leave anyone indifferent.Places to  transmit,  Places at the after all.


"Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates a simple capture of photography "

© Kay Machín. Todos los derechos reservados. La reproducción de las imágenes aquí expuestas quedan prohibidas.

© Kay Machín. All rights reserved. The reproduction of the pictures shown here are prohibited.

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